Solving one of the world’s biggest problems.

For the longest time, our society has constantly been evolving. Financially, we managed to develop advanced monetary systems. Technologically we have managed to make most tasks that once seemed difficult and time consuming, automated and much easier to perform.


Take for example the way we deliver messages. A few centuries ago, one had to send a messenger from one village to another in order to deliver a message. Nowadays is as simple as pressing a button on your phone.


Throughout this evolution we have also evolved consciously. We tend to better recognize facts from assumptions and we are doubting everything. Globalization has allowed us to learn about and understand different cultures and adapt to the differences that are occurring from generation to generation. This has allowed us to pass on better judgement for ourselves.


One area of growth, however, has not evolved with time. Humans still pass legal judgement upon others. The way in which we decide what is good or wrong is still based upon individuals and their prejudice.


I know, this may sound confusing. Let me give you an example before further explaining my statement:


In 1984, a young African American male was found guilty for first degree murder and got life in prison. Based on the evidence of that time and the technology available to analyze the evidence, the judge and jury decided the man was guilty of his crimes.

32 years later, the case reopened and the evidence was once more analyzed. He was found to be innocent of the crimes has supposedly had committed, since DNA tests, which did not exist back then, found he was not at the scene at that time. Andrew Wilson was , at last, free.


Where am I going with this?


Humans passing judgement on others is very relative to the context one finds himself in. The variables of the decision-making process are simply too many to label a decision justifiable or not.


We simply cannot have one common viewpoint when it comes to situations we label as “problems”.


Viewpoints and decisions are made based on the context of a situation, the background, the emotional stability of the decision makers and many, many more variables.


How can the justice system ever be right or wrong?


How can anyone ever be right or wrong when every person thinks in a different way, has different values, a different upbringing and a different culture?


Until last year, there wouldn’t be an answer to this. Last year, however, one of the world’s most important inventions was introduced to the world. An invention which allows decisions to be made without human interference.




Now you might immediately think “Where are you going with this?”.


Smart contracts are currently seen as a tool that enhances the way financial exchanges are made.


We are still in the beginning. Smart contracts are the solution.

They are solving the problem of having humans pass judgement on others in a legal way. Legal decisions should be based on a set number of facts and evidence. As I mentioned above, at this moment there are way more variables. These variables will soon be irrelevant.


Smart contracts will make the world a more honest, transparent and strict place.


Imagine a world where it is not possible to escape the law, a place where there is absolute trust in the system.

With the help of Smart contracts, one day, this may become possible.


ClearAid has recognized the incredible value Smart contracts have and has implemented the system in their platform.

Smart contracts are used by ClearAid when making donations. If the charity does not reach their goal, your donations return to your wallet.

Smart contracts are used by ClearAid when paying salaries. There is not way for the team to create unnecessary costs or make unethical use of the money the company has.

Smart contracts make us an honest company. A company that does not work simply to earn money but to change the way companies work.


We believe in the change that is coming and are ready to support it. Are you going to support in this journey?


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