ClearAid, A More Detailed Look

You may have read our whitepaper, read through the website and formed an idea about our upcoming project but, then again, you may still have some questions for us, the team, the structure of the company, as well as other more general questions.

Therefore, we decided to make this post and explain more about us.


Structure of the company

ClearAid goes accord all the current rules that blockchain projects have to abide to. Our team is formed by 6 individuals, specialized in different areas that, together, form a dynamic team. There is no sense of hierarchy within the team as each one has his own tasks and everyone comes together for planning, decision making and brainstorming.

Aside of the main team we also work with several advisors, lawyers and private investors who help us materialize the idea of ClearAid.

As we want to be a legal business entity, we have not only sought out the best options for long term growth and sustainability, but also explored all the parameters that could eventually change by third parties. For these, we have created alternative options in case they are ever needed.


Raising capital

On our whitepaper we have stated that we are going to raise a certain financial amount through our crowdsale. This amount is meant to finance the activities we have planned, as well as the company’s growth. We do realise that, currently, the markets are very volatile and many cryptocurrency investors are waiting on the sidelines, considering the best time to reenter the market.

We do not know when the markets will get a more positive short-term outlook, but we do know that we have a Roadmap we have to follow on a certain timeframe. And the dates for our planned activities are set.

Therefore, we have set a Hardcap and a Softcap for our ICO.

If the Softcap, which amounts to 50% of our expected funding, is not reached, all purchases will be automatically refunded by using pre-determined smart contracts.

If the Hardcap is reached, it means we have SOLD OUT.


Meeting deadlines

As you might have noticed, the milestones set by ClearAid for the next year are very specific.

Note: You can read our Roadmap to get a better idea of the milestones we have set.

We believe that punctuality and the ability to meet deadlines is a very important factor to success and, therefore, we will make sure our team will be able to handle all tasks at hand. After the initial private sale, we will consider growing our team and bringing in more talented individuals to be part of the team.

The Roadmap is currently at an approximate 12 month length. All the milestones within this timeframe are set and will be completed by the time presented in the whitepaper. In December 2018, we will update our Roadmap for all the planning scheduled to be completed from May 2019 to May 2020.


Establishing trust

At this early stage, our company is also focused on creating partnerships with charities and causes that help make this world a better place. We want these organizations to stand there, next to us, when ClearAid opens the doors to a new way of giving.

If you know of a charity that you think would make a good addition to our platform, and you love their work, please email our team at, so we can have a look as well!